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Business Owner’s Guide: Understanding the Different Materials Used for Indoor vs Outdoor Signage

Hey there, business owners! Ever find yourself scratching your head about the best materials for your signs, indoor vs outdoor? You’re not alone! In this guide, we’re diving into the nitty-gritty of what makes great signage tick – all without the jargon.

Whether it’s the sign that welcomes folks at your entrance or the one that faces the elements outside, choosing the right material doesn’t have to be a puzzle. Stick around, and we’ll make you signage savvy in no time!

Indoor Signage Materials

When considering materials for your internal signage, flexibility and durability should be at the top of your list, especially for signs that guide, inform, or add to the aesthetic of your indoor space.

A popular option is Acrylic, known for its sleek, professional look and long-lasting clarity. It’s an ideal choice for everything from directory signs to branding elements.


Acrylic is kind of like a superhero in the world of indoor signs. Imagine a clear, sturdy material that looks super sleek and fancy, sort like glass but way tougher and safer.

It’s perfect for making signs that need to look good for a long time, both for telling people where things are or showing off your brand’s vibe.


PVC, or yeah, that plastic stuff you see everywhere, is pretty much the go-to for signs that aren’t looking to stick around forever but still want to look cool.

It’s like cardboard’s tougher buddy – lightweight, doesn’t cost a fortune, and you can move it around without throwing your back out. People use it for stuff like sale signs or events because you can toss it after without feeling bad.

Outdoor Signage Materials

Stepping outside, the game changes radically when it comes to outdoor signage. These signs face sun, rain, wind, and just about anything else Mother Nature throws their way. You need materials that won’t fade into oblivion or fall apart at the first sign of bad weather. Here, Aluminum shines as a superstar.


Aluminum is the hard-core champion for signs that have to brave the great outdoors. Think of aluminum as that friend who’s always chill, no matter the weather.

It’s strong, doesn’t get rusty, and keeps its cool look for ages, rain or shine. You see, aluminum signs are like the tanks of the sign world – they can take a hit from the sun or a storm and still stand tall.


It’s the stuff they use for those signs you see around, like garage sales or voting directions. Super lightweight and way more durable than you’d think for something that feels kind of like plastic cardboard.

It’s perfect for when you’ve got something temporary to shout about to the world but still want it to survive a surprise rainstorm or a super sunny day. For any business looking to catch the eye of its target audience without breaking the bank or committing to something permanent, Coroplast is a solid pick.

Learn More About Indoor vs Outdoor

Alright, wrapping this up – indoor vs outdoor signs, they’re like two different worlds. Indoors, you’re talking fancy or flexible signs that say “hey” to folks inside in a cool way, lasting a good while without taking a hit.

Outdoors? That’s the wild zone. You need the tough guys that can stand up to stormy weather and still look awesome, making sure everyone sees what you have to say, come rain or shine.

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