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Here Are 5 Proven Ideas on How to Make Money on TikTok in 2023

Do you think TikTok is only meant for influencers, businesses or brand owners? Interestingly, NO! That is not the case. 

On TikTok in 2023, almost every type and form of expertise, services, products, etc., is found doing well. Yes, so well that it becomes hard to say they are not making good money. 

Everyone is found on TikTok, from the water park accessories provider to the teacher. The reason for it is, however, based on two cardinal points. First, TikTok doesn’t demand anything other than good quality content. Second, it is free for most of the features. 

This blog is meant for you who are short on ideas on how to make money on TikTok in 2023.

Five Ways to Make Money on TikTok in 2023

We have mentioned only five ways to make money online through the TikTok application. That doesn’t mean these are it! Remember, we have discussed those points which are best in its truest form. The remaining are less critical, which is why we have not mentioned them at all.

Way to Make Money #1: Sell Products or Services Directly 

Adding products or listing services on TikTok Shop is the best way to earn directly from the app. It means you don’t have to contact anyone anymore. All you have to do is to build awareness on TikTok around the targeted audience and start selling them the products or services you own. 

However, the following pointers should be considered if you want to make an easy and quick revenue from TikTok. 

  • Increase engagement metrics and approach influencers to give a shout-out to your TikTok Shop. 
  • Use TikTok’s inbuilt features like videos and live to display TikTok Shop. 

To start a seller account for TikTok Shop, you should keep the following points in mind. 

  • Seller accounts are available only in China, the UK, Indonesia and Hong Kong. 
  • You should possess a phone number from any of the mentioned countries. 
  • Identification and a certificate (of incorporation) will be needed too. 

When it comes to the Creator account, requirements are different. 

  • TikTok followers: A minimum of one thousand (1,000).
  • Views: At least 50 views on videos in 28 days (last days).
  • Age: You should be 18 by the time you want to operate a TikTok Shop. 
  • Videos: One video should be posted in the last 28 days. 

Note: This is TikTok’s finest and most lucrative earning opportunity in 2023. 

Way to Make Money #2: Affiliate Marketing on TikTok 

It is not possible for everyone to create their products or services. For such a lot, there is still a hope of earning from TikTok. All they have to do is to find merchandise on TikTok, talk to the owner, and offer help by bringing them sales through your TikTok links. 

Doing that will give you a defined percentage of commission. The more you sell, the more your commission will be. That’s how it works. 

However, for successful affiliate marketing on TikTok, you will need a solid number of followers, likes, and views. Comments and other metrics are also very crucial for selling something on TikTok. 

But what should you do if your posts don’t have a reasonable engagement rate? Should you feel hopeless and leave the idea of affiliate marketing? No! We suggest you buy TikTok auto likes and chase the dream of earning from TikTok.

Way to Make Money #3: Use TikTok Ads to Earn Money 

The theory of making more money is to invest money. So, keeping that in mind, here is what you can do – invest in TikTok ads. This can be for anything from these options; 

  • Invest in ads to get more engagement metrics.
  • Get ads for TikTok Shop to get more leads and customers.

Note: TikTok ads are for those who have a goal and mission. If they are used wisely with strategy, it becomes easy to manifest the needful. 

Way to Make Money #4: Give Consultation to Other Brands 

Let’s say you know a lot about TikTok in the following capacity (mentioned in bullet points), so why not help others build their TikTok image? 

  • You know how to decode the algorithms of TikTok.
  • You are also aware of which kinds of posts can do magic and attract a targeted audience. 
  • You can build business profiles from scratch and can bring leads. 

Not just that, you can display your profile as a sample or portfolio to help other accounts get the same kind of traction and engagement rate. 

By the way, just you and me, there are ways to handle situations. Especially when you don’t have a massive number of comments – buy TikTok comments from a legit source. 

Way to Make Money #5: Make Promotional Content on TikTok 

Assuming you are already creating content on TikTok with enthusiasm, dedication, and passion for your products. This trick to make money from TikTok comes in handy. 

All you are required to do is to discuss products on posts and then link them to your official website. You can write a captivating bio description and ensure it is as unique as doable. 

Creating your merch with a personalization feature can take you places on TikTok. Try this drill or, instead, a tip to make income easily in 2023. We are sure you will do justice to the brand, merch, and offers.

Way to Make Money #6: Implement TikTok Rewards Program

If you don’t have posts, yes, not a single one on TikTok, but you still want to make money on this app. Do yourself a favor by coming to terms with the TikTok Rewards Program. It is a referral program in which you have to get a referral link and then associate it with your TikTok profile. 

You have to share it with friends to get referral commissions. How does it work? Well, you get the referral link and share it with friends and others. If they join TikTok through your link, a reward is given, which is easily redeemed. 

You can also earn money by viewing videos, commenting on them, liking and sharing them with others. However, such offers are mentioned on the “Activities” page. It means particular videos on TikTok need participation and views.

Takeaways: Earning Ideas on TikTok in 2023 

We can conclude the blog by saying that following some trends and proven ways of making money on TikTok in 2023 is a must. However, it doesn’t mean if you want to explore other ways, you shouldn’t. We mentioned only these five ways to earn money on TikTok with little to no investment.


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