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How to Bring Good Energy to Someone

If you have a friend or loved one who’s having a rough time, it’s hard to watch them struggle. But you can help them on an energetic level by sending them positive energy.

It’s important to remember that thoughts are energy and can help heal a person. Here are four ways to do so:

Be Kind

The warm feeling of well-being that washes over you after an act of kindness isn’t just in your head. According to researchers, these acts actually change your brain chemistry. One of the main chemicals involved is oxytocin, also known as the “love hormone.” Oxytocin plays an important role in building trust and relationships with other people. Mothers release the same hormone when breastfeeding, cementing their bond with their babies. Studies have shown that those who regularly perform small acts of kindness have a higher positive effect than those who don’t. This means that they are more likely to feel happy and connected with other people.

If you want to bring good energy to someone, start by being kind to yourself. This can be as simple as giving yourself some ‘me time’ each day. Allocating some time to do something you enjoy, such as reading, journaling, baking, coloring, or even sitting quietly, is a great way to relax and recharge your energy. It will also help you feel more connected with your own energy and, therefore, be able to better spread it to those around you.

Another easy way to bring good energy is by smiling more. We’ve all heard that a smile can light up a room, but it makes other people feel good too! So, the next time you go out, try to remember to smile at everyone you encounter. You never know – their day might just need a little extra brightness!

If you have an interest in helping other people, consider incorporating this into your daily life. Research shows that volunteers have lower stress levels and experience greater job satisfaction and overall happiness. In fact, one study found that the bystanders who took action when they saw someone being bullied experienced an immediate boost in their well-being. The same was true for those who volunteered to be kind to their colleagues, who were shown to have lower depression and a greater sense of life satisfaction.

Live in the Moment

When surrounded by people who give off good vibes, it lifts your mood and outlook. Generosity, kindness, empathy, calmness, and optimism are all traits of positive energy. Some people have natural access to these vibes, while others may need to work harder at cultivating them. Surround yourself with positive people and try to stay away from those who put off negative energy.

When someone close to you is going through a hard time, it can be difficult to know what to do. Fortunately, sending them positive energy is one of the most important things you can do. Positive energy can help heal and ease their suffering and bring them hope and peace.

The best way to send positive energy to someone is to spend some time in meditation or prayer. This can be done alone or with other loved ones, and it can include focusing on their needs and desires, such as healing and love. For those who aren’t religious, simple visualization and affirmations can be just as effective.

Another great way to send positive energy is by simply being present in the moment. It can be small, such as smiling at them or holding the door open for them. But it can also be a big gesture, like volunteering or giving a cash donation. Living in the moment means paying attention to what’s happening around you and taking pleasure in it. It also involves noticing the little things, like the smell of a flower or the sound of birds chirping.

When you’re feeling particularly positive, you can even send someone good vibes just by texting them a high-vibe thought. This can be as simple as a “thank you” or “you’re awesome.” It can even be a word of encouragement like, “I’m so proud of you,” or, “You can do it!” Just make sure that the text is encouraging and kind. If you can’t find the right words, try repeating a positive affirmation in your head. Repetition will train your mind to focus on positive thoughts, making them more powerful and effective.

Give Gifts

Giving gifts is one of the best ways to bring good energy to someone. It boosts a person’s sense of self-worth and helps them feel happier. It can also help people deal with stress. Research shows that people who give frequently have lower levels of cortisol, a hormone that can cause them to feel anxious and shaky.

It’s important to focus on the things you appreciate about other people. You can do this verbally, in writing, or through a heartfelt gesture. It’s not always easy to do, but it’s a great way to spread positive energy.

You can also send someone good energy gifts through prayer or visualization. To do this, find a quiet place to relax and close your eyes. Picture the person you want to receive your good energy in your mind’s eye. Visualize a stream of white or silver light traveling from your heart to theirs. They will then choose whether to accept or let the energy pass through them. You should also try to feel the emotion you want them to experience – healing, strength, or love.

There are many small ways to spread positive energy, like baking a cake for a neighbor or holding the door open for someone. You can also volunteer your time to make a difference in the community. Just be sure to surround yourself with positive people and avoid those who drag you down.

Bringing positive energy to someone is simple and free but not always easy. It takes practice to keep your thoughts and emotions in check. Don’t worry if you don’t bring positive energy to everyone in your life – the universe has a plan. If it’s meant for you to bring that energy to someone else, it will eventually happen. Just stay patient and be kind. And remember, the way you treat others is how they’ll treat you in return. So be a good friend and remember to practice positivity daily. It’s the best way to improve your life and make the world better.


Whether you’re helping children learn English in a Third World country or cleaning up your local beach, most people would agree that volunteering is a very important part of life. It’s not only beneficial to the receiver of your kindness, but it also helps you feel good too. You get to meet new people, see a different way of living, and feel a sense of purpose.

Many people volunteer for a variety of reasons, such as exploring career options, sharpening their skills, staying active in retirement, or meeting new friends. Regardless of your reason, it’s important to choose a role that interests you and matches your skill set. You’ll find your volunteering experience more enjoyable if you enjoy the activities involved, so it’s worth taking the time to identify your goals and interests before you sign up.

It can be hard to bring good energy to someone when they’re having a difficult time, but you can do a few simple things. Firstly, you can send them positive thoughts and prayers. This will help them feel supported and loved, which will make them feel better about their situation. You can also spend time with them and give them a lot of attention, which will show how much you care about them.

If you’re unable to be with them physically, you can still show your support by offering them a present or sending them a card. Lastly, you can send them positive vibes by making small gestures such as baking them a pie, holding the door for them, or giving them a phone call.

There are a lot of ways to spread positivity and bring good energy to someone. Following these tips can help them feel better and lead a happier, healthier life. Just remember to be kind and think before you speak, as your words have the power to make or break someone’s day. Thank you for reading!


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