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Is studying in the USA still worth it for international students?

Are the educational benefits of studying in the USA still worth the investment for international students in today’s global landscape? According to the Q.S. World University Rankings 2023, the United States hosts the top 10 universities, enticing students worldwide. The United States has been a beacon for students worldwide seeking top-notch higher education opportunities for generations. The country’s academic landscape, diverse culture, renowned institutions, and a wide array of programs have continuously attracted students from around the globe. However, as the landscape evolves, it’s vital to scrutinize whether studying in the USA remains a promising endeavor for international learners.

This article delves into the continued value of pursuing education in the USA for international students, exploring the associated advantages and drawbacks. Additionally, it outlines the steps for aspiring students to navigate the process. It offers insights into how ERES, the best foreign transcript evaluation service, can streamline the path to a U.S. education.

Why Do Students Decide to Attend U.S. Universities?

Each student has a unique incentive for pursuing their degree in the U.S., many of which relate to the advantages of being an international student living and studying here. The United States is home to around half of the world’s top universities, per U.S. News & World Report. U.S. universities provide top-notch academic possibilities in all fields, from undergraduate courses to Ph.D. degrees. There are over 5,000 higher education colleges in the U.S. to pick from. Every university is different and has something distinctive to offer, whether top-notch academics or study-abroad options. 

The freedom to choose your major at U.S. institutions is another great benefit since it allows you to pursue your interests before fully committing to a degree program. U.S. institutions offer you the flexibility to choose whether to start as an undeclared major or enroll in a specific major at the beginning of your studies. 

Many university programs also allow students to study various academic disciplines through electives while still receiving credits.

Is Studying in the USA Still Worth It for International Students?

Pros of Studying in the USA:

  1. Access to High-Quality Education: The United States is home to some of the world’s most prestigious universities and colleges renowned for their academic excellence. Institutions like Harvard, MIT, Stanford, and many others consistently rank among the top globally. These institutions boast cutting-edge research facilities, esteemed faculty, and innovative teaching methods, offering a high-quality education that is respected internationally.
  2. Diverse Student Body: A melting pot of cultures and perspectives, U.S. campuses foster an environment that encourages cross-cultural interactions and global understanding.
  3. Opportunities for Internships and Jobs: The U.S. education system significantly emphasizes practical learning and internships. Students often have access to internship programs, co-op experiences, and industry collaborations that provide hands-on training and networking opportunities. These experiences enhance classroom learning and bolster career prospects upon graduation.
  4. Global Recognition of U.S. Degrees: U.S. degrees carry prestige worldwide, enhancing career prospects and opening doors to international opportunities.

Cons of Studying in the USA:

  1. Competitive Admissions Process: Getting admitted to a top U.S. university is highly competitive, necessitating exceptional academic credentials and extracurricular achievements.
  2. Visa Requirements: Navigating the complex visa application process can be daunting, requiring meticulous attention to detail and compliance with stringent regulations.
  3. Cultural Differences: Adjusting to a new cultural milieu can pose challenges, demanding adaptability and openness to diverse customs and traditions.
  4. Cost of Education: Tuition fees and living expenses in the USA can be considerably high, presenting financial challenges for international students. Managing expenses, including accommodation, food, and healthcare, can take time and effort.

Solution: Leveraging ERES, the best foreign transcript evaluation service, can streamline the evaluation of academic credentials, ensuring a smoother admission process for international students. With their expertise, navigating the intricate evaluation of foreign transcripts becomes more efficient, facilitating a seamless transition into the U.S. education system.

How International Students Can Study in the USA, Step-by-Step Guide to the Process:

  1. Researching U.S. Universities: Explore universities based on academic programs, campus culture, and location preferences.
  2. Standardized Tests: Take required exams like the SAT/ACT and TOEFL/IELTS, meeting the stipulated criteria for admission.
  3. College Applications: Complete and submit applications to chosen institutions, adhering to deadlines and fulfilling all requirements.
  4. Student Visa Application: Start applying for student visa, ensuring compliance with all documentation and interview processes.
  5. Preparing for Arrival: Make arrangements for accommodation, finances, and necessary logistics for a smooth transition to life in the USA.

Tips for Success:

  • Initiate planning and preparation well in advance.
  • Thoroughly research universities and their offerings.
  • Seek guidance from experienced advisors or consultants.
  • Be ready to dedicate significant effort and commitment to academics and adapting to a new environment.


In conclusion, irrespective of the challenges posed by the competitive landscape and visa complexities, pursuing higher education in the USA for international students can be a transformative journey. The plethora of educational advantages, combined with ERES’s assistance in simplifying the evaluation process, makes studying in the USA an appealing and worthwhile endeavor for determined learners across the globe.



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