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Top 10 Support Heroes in Dota 2 with the Best Facets

U7BUY’s Dota 2 account for sale is ideal for beginners! The big improvements in Patch 7.36 have the Dota 2 community excited. The introduction of ‘facets’ has revolutionised match strategy and customisation. Facets allow players to choose a path at the start of the game, significantly influencing their hero’s performance. This update has especially shaken up the support role, making some heroes more versatile and powerful than ever. Let’s delve into the top 10 support Dota 2 heroes who have benefited the most from these new facets.

1. Chen

Chen can summon a creep without a neutral creep using his new facet. This formidable ability gives him flexibility and game presence. Chen could even play a mid-role without farming the jungle after his controlled creep dies.

2. Crystal Maiden

Allies initially received AoE advantages from the ‘Frozen Expanse’ facet. Despite being corrected, this makes Crystal Maiden’s Frost Nova and Freezing Field more destructive. Mana-hungry allies like Bristleback and Venomancer benefit from ‘Cold Comfort’, which prolongs combat.

3. Dark Willow

Despite being nerfed, Dark Willow’s ‘Thorny Thicket’ is one of Patch 7.36’s most devastating features. Dark Willow’s additional Brambles make her a stronger control hero, making battles harder for enemies.

4. Io

In ‘Kritzkreig’ and ‘Medigun,’ Io has various strategies. ‘Kritzkreig’ is best for fast-paced, aggressive games that try to win early, whereas ‘Medigun’ supports longer games with sustained healing. Io can change its playstyles to any team with these possibilities.

5. Monkey King

Any support player wants Monkey King’s ‘Simian Trade’. Tree Dance has no cooldown, making him an unmatched scout. This makes him ideal for interrupting enemy plans and providing his squad with valuable vision and intel.

6. Death

‘Dance of the Dead’ enhances Muerta’s ultimate ability, ‘The Calling.’ In packed regions like the Roshan pit, its extended duration and enhanced area of effect can swing a team fight around.

7. NyxAssassin

The ‘Mana Burn’ facet revives Nyx Assassin’s old ability. He can deplete high-intelligence Dota 2 heroes’ mana and cause tremendous damage with this ability. Nyx is a flexible danger because it works against heroes like Medusa.

8. Rubick

Rubick’s ‘Frugal Filch’ and ‘Arcane Accumulation’ shine. ‘Frugal Filch’ is effective against heroes with low cooldown, single-target spells, and ‘Arcane Accumulation’ can dramatically boost area-of-effect spells, making Rubick a versatile support hero.

9. Shadow Shaman

Shadow Shaman benefits from ‘Cluster Cluck’, which converts opponents into chickens, disrupting their preparations and making them easy targets. ‘Massive Serpent Ward’ is strong, but ‘Cluster Cluck’ controls chaotic conflicts better.

10. Silencer

Silencer’s ‘Reverberating Silence’ makes him a top support. It reduces the maximum silence time but silences every enemy hero for 1.5 seconds unless they have two dispels. This makes opponents reconsider item builds and strategies.

These facets have breathed new life into Dota 2, offering players exciting new ways to play their favorite support Dota 2 heroes. The strategic depth they add makes each game unique, pushing players to continually adapt and innovate. Enhance your gameplay with U7BUY’s Dota 2 boosting services, ensuring you can experience these facets at their full potential!


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