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Top 15 Facebook metrics you must track to grow your brand

Social media is the most vital element in today’s digital world. There are multiple social media platforms that are connecting people from different parts of the world together.  Facebook is the biggest social media platform having a daily active user pool of more than 1.9 billion people from all around the globe. Here are the top 15 Facebook metrics that you must track in order to grow your brand:

1. User engagement

When it comes to growing a brand on facebook, the first and the foremost thing that you need to pay focus on is the user-engagement of your Facebook page. Engagement tells all about your bonding with your audience and how your followers are interacting with your content on Facebook.

2. Rate of engagement

Engagement and rate of engagement are literally two different factors. Engagement rate plays a vital role in the success of a brand. If you want to grow your brand, you should always keep track of the engagement rate of your brand. Engagement rate can easily be calculated by taking the total number of engagements and divide it by your total reach count.

3. Reach

Tracking of reach of your Facebook account or page is really an essential aspect of every brand. Reach basically means the total number of potential viewers your post can have. Reach are of two types namely, organic and paid reach. By looking at the reach of your account or page, you can easily get to know how many unique people visited your account or viewed your post.

4. Impressions

Most of the people mistakenly think reach is same as impression but it is absolutely a wrong opinion. Impressions mean the total number of times one of your posts show up in one of your viewer’s timeline. It is always equal to or more than the reach of your post on Facebook. If the impression of your post is high, it means your post is being viewed by someone multiple times and they are really interested in your content. One of the best advices is to keep update on the impressions of your Facebook posts.

5. Referral traffic

Tracking of referral traffic is an important step if you are running a brand page on Facebook. Referral traffic refers to the number of times a viewer has been redirected to your website on clicking something on your Facebook brand page. If your Facebbok page has a lot of product links or blog posts included in them then tracking of referral traffic is very essential.

6. Likes and followers

Page Likes and Followers are two of the most basic yet important aspects of a Facebook Page. If you have a brand page on Facebook, you should always keep track of these two Facebook metrics. These two aspects show how your audience is engaging with your posts, whether they are like it or not. If they hit the follow button on your Facebook page that means they are interested in your content and they want to see more it in the near future.There are many online services where you can increase these numbers or if you want to increase more naturally you can use the help of Paid Facebook live streaming viewers service. These days, many users love to watch live streaming daily like gaming channels, Events, etc.

7. Demographics of your followers

Demographics play an integral role in the success of Brand page on Facebook. Follower demographics will help you to know your audience better. Getting to know more about your audience will help you to tailor your content accordingly so that you get more interactions on your Facebook page.

8. Share your content

Growing a business on Facebook is not an easy task as it sounds like. There are many metrics that you need to keep track on in order to effectively grow your brand. Share post or content is a major aspect of the market analysis and advertising campaign on Facebook. It basically means the total amount of the online posts your brand is actively taking part in. Many brands share similar social post but the one which is more talked about among the audience, has the greater share of unique content.

9. Top group contributors

Facebook Groups are huge digital social communities. Group insights are really very important and they are only available if your group has more than 50 members. Top contributors refer to the people who are your biggest brand advocates and they are ones who enjoy your content the most. Keep track of these people so that you can thank them by giving them some certain exclusive privileges in your Facebook group.

10. Group growth

When running a group on Facebook, it is very important to keep track of its growth. Growth of a Facebook group implies how many new members got into your group and how many of them are active in a certain time duration.

11. Audience retention

Video content are one of the most highly engaging content formats nowadays. There are certain metrics that you should always keep track on. Audience retention is one of those Facebook metrics that are very crucial when it comes to video content. Audience retention implies to how long your viewers have watched throughout the entire duration of your video on Facebook.

12. Click-through rate

CTR or Click-through rate is really an important and essential Facebook ad metrics. It can be easily calculated by dividing the total number of clicks on your ad by the total number of times it has been shown or appeared to your audience.

13. Cost per click

Cost per click also known as CPC is a term that is related to advertising. These Facebook metrics are very crucial as they help you to determine how much money is involved in advertising of your brand. CPC simply means the amount which has to be paid by the advertiser to the publisher for every click that has occurred on your ad.

14. CPM

Cost per Mille also known as CPM is also an important Facebook metrics that every brand should put brand awareness purposes.

15. Cost per action

Cost per action is an important Facebook ad metrics. It is also popularly known as CPA. It is best suited for campaigns that require some specific action to be executed.


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