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Understanding Digital Marketing: Types, Skills, and Career Opportunities

More than ever, the world is becoming increasingly dependent on the internet. After the pandemic struck the world, people took digital measures more seriously than ever. 

After all, statistics say that 80% of GenZ and 62% of millennials prefer searching for websites on their mobiles. 

This article is perfect if you also wish to know more about digital marketing and the different areas!

1. What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is using the internet, such as websites, social media sites, apps, mobile and other electronic devices, to promote and sell business products and services. 

Before the internet or the computer were invented, people visited physical stores, and marketing was done offline. However, most companies have started adopting online and offline methods to promote their businesses. 

After the widespread adoption of the internet during the 1990s, digital marketing became an easy tool for businesspeople to reach out to their consumers. 

However, this marketing method also comes with its challenges and problems.

2. How does digital marketing work?

Earlier, people used newspapers, radio, or printed posters to advertise their products. 

However, after people started searching for products and services on Google and using social media to keep up with the marketplace, digital marketing became more relevant than ever. 

Initially, businesses reached out to people via email. For example, when a customer visits a company website or signs up using their mail ID, the company automatically sends a greeting email. 

Many companies also open their official business accounts on social media pages like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram to promote their content through photos, videos, blogs, or live sessions. 

3. Some Types of Digital Marketing

Since there are several different types of digital marketing, it’s always better to refer to digital marketing guides by Alec Newcomb from New Hampshire for an exhaustive list of all kinds and relevant details. However, let’s see the most common ones:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

These are two very popular methods for companies to make themselves more visible to the public eye. 

The higher the SEO ranking, the higher it will appear on Google’s or Bing’s search results page. 

So, a website with a high SEO ranking might appear first or second on Google’s result pages, leading to more consumer traffic.

  • Website marketing

In this, you create a professional website for your business and ensure it’s interactive, clear, and interesting. 

You regularly track the website’s progress by looking at daily traffic. Ideally, a website should load quickly, be mobile and laptop-friendly, and be easy to use.

  • PPC Advertising

In pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, marketers pay advertising companies to reach a wider audience. The advertising campaigns segregate users based on demographics, such as age or gender, and current location. 

Businesspeople today mostly use Google or Facebook advertisements as the most reliable forms of digital marketing. But you can opt for other means too.

4. Skills required for digital marketing

You must know a few tricks and tips to be a successful digital marketer. For starters, be thorough with management and marketing. Learn about different methods of digital communication and marketing channels. 

Most companies want employees to have a bachelor’s degree in digital communications or marketing. However, if you don’t have any of these, you can always go for an internship. 

Some required key skills are good communication and collaboration skills with designers and software developers, creative thinking, data analytics knowledge, and content creation expertise.

5. Career opportunities in digital marketing

A few popular career opportunities to pursue after completing a professional degree or even just a boot camp course in digital marketing are:

  • Digital marketing intern

This is the most basic career step before you become an actual professional. As an intern, you assist organizations that heavily use digital marketing tactics. You might have to analyze simple market trends or develop marketing campaign ideas.

  • Social media marketer

Social media specialists look after their clients’ social media accounts. You can either work for one company and handle their different social media pages or manage several social media handles for different companies. 

For this, you must know about social media algorithms and the viewers’ preferences.

  • Copywriter

A copywriter produces original written pieces for a company’s website or social media pages. Written material is often regarded as one of the best ways for a company to climb the marketing ladder. 

You might write blogs, social media posts, captions, emails, or digital advertising content as a copywriter. 

  • E-commerce manager

An e-commerce manager takes care of a company’s online portfolio and ensures that the features and design of the online store are optimized. The better and more interactive the website, the easier it will be for the customer to purchase things. 

They collect and analyze large amounts of data by collaborating with website specialists.


These are some of the amazing ways in which digital marketing can completely change the course of how you shop. So don’t wait anymore and get started in this field!


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