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Inspiration for Entrepreneurs: Best Business Movies on Netflix

Are you an entrepreneur in need of some ideas? Look no similar to your Netflix account! The streaming platform has many business-centric films that could motivate and teach entrepreneurs on their journey to achievement. From the drama-crammed origins of Facebook in “The Social Network” to the upward thrust of McDonald’s in “The Founder,” those movies offer insights into the successes and failures of some of the most important names inside the business. So, grasp some popcorn and settle in for our top alternatives for good enterprise movies on Netflix.

The Social Network

“The Social Network” is a have-to-watch for any entrepreneur looking to recognize the origins of one of the world’s most significant social media systems. The movie delves into Facebook’s drama-stuffed beginnings, including its introduction in Mark Zuckerberg’s Harvard dorm room and the criminal battles that followed.

One key takeaway from “The Social Network” is the importance of collaboration and teamwork in constructing a hit organization. While Zuckerberg may additionally be the mastermind behind Facebook’s preliminary idea, his partnership with co-founder Eduardo Saverin helped turn it into a reality.

In its middle, “The Social Network” highlights the cutthroat nature of enterprise and entrepreneurship. From backstabbing investors to complaints between former friends, this movie portrays how fierce competition can be in the modern tech industry.

Overall, “The Social Network” offers marketers valuable insights into developing successful tech startups while navigating complicated prison and interpersonal troubles.

The Founder

“The Founder,” tells the story of Ray Kroc, a struggling milkshake system salesman who stumbled upon the McDonald’s brothers and their progressive rapid food machine. The movie portrays Kroc as both a visionary businessman and a ruthless opportunist.

Michael Keaton gives you a superb overall performance as Kroc, capturing his air of mystery and ambition even as depicting his flaws. He brings intensity to an individual that might have, without difficulty, been one-dimensional.

The film shines a light on the cutthroat nature of commercial enterprise and the way fulfillment frequently comes at a fee. It raises questions about entrepreneurship ethics, specifically when taking credit scores for someone else’s ideas.

Overall, “The Founder” is a fascinating watch that aims to go away you think about the dark aspect of capitalism. It serves as a cautionary story for aspiring marketers who can be tempted to compromise their values in pursuit of success.


“Startup.Com” is a fascinating documentary that follows the rise and fall of GovWorks, an early net business enterprise based in the past due in the Nineteen Nineties. The film offers a glimpse into the sector of startups and the challenges they face to succeed.

The documentary highlights how quickly things can trade within the tech enterprise – one moment, you’re on top of the arena, and suddenly, the whole thing falls aside. We see this firsthand as GovWorks struggles to meet demand, which is central to internal conflicts among its co-founders.

One of the most exciting factors of “Startup.Com” is how it showcases both sides of entrepreneurship: the excitement of making Something new and progressive and the harsh realities of constructing a business from scratch. We witness moments of triumph alongside moments in which everything seems hopeless.

Overall, “Startup.Com” serves as a reminder that success is not assured in the commercial enterprise – even for individuals who appear to have it all figured out. It’s an inspiring but cautionary story for marketers looking to make their mark in today’s fast-paced startup culture.

Something Ventured

“Something Ventured” is a documentary film that takes the audience on a journey via the upward thrust of task capitalism in Silicon Valley. The film interviews some of the maximum successful mission capitalists and marketers, together with Arthur Rock, Tom Perkins, and Steve Jobs.

The movie tells how those people took dangers and invested in groups like Apple, Intel, and Cisco once they had been beginning. It additionally delves into their non-public lives and gives insight into what drove them to take such formidable moves.

One exciting component of “Something Ventured” is how it highlights ladies’ function in this industry. While regularly omitted or underestimated at the time, female traders like Pitch Johnson played an essential part in shaping Silicon Valley as we comprehend it these days.

Overall, “Something Ventured” gives a captivating inspect one of the maximum pivotal intervals in commercial enterprise records. It’s a need-to-watch for anyone interested in entrepreneurship or curious about how several modern-day leading prominent tech giants were given their start.

Steve Jobs: The Man Inside the Machine

This documentary movie offers a rare glimpse into the existence of one of the maximum iconic entrepreneurs of our time. Directed using Alex Gibney, it explores Steve Jobs’ contributions to the era and how he revolutionized private computing, music, and telecommunications industries.

The movie delves deep into his persona, such as his management fashion, and less practical aspects, like his aggressive conduct closer to colleagues. It also examines some controversies surrounding Apple Inc., mainly its labor practices in China.

What sets this documentary apart is its stability among admiration for Jobs’ achievements and not shying away from grievances or flaws. It makes visitors query whether innovation ought to come at any value or if there are moral traces that should not be crossed.

Overall, “Steve Jobs: The Man in The Machine” is a compelling watch for everyone curious about entrepreneurship, generation, or even an intimate look at one of the modern-day records’ most fascinating figures.


These films are tremendous sources of concept for marketers. From the story of Mark Zuckerberg building Facebook in The Social Network to Steve Jobs’ journey as portrayed in Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine, every film offers treasured training and insights approximately the business world.

The Founder teaches us about endurance and challenging work, while Startup.Com indicates how crucial it’s far to have a sturdy crew. And Something Ventured highlights the significance of taking dangers and making an investment accurately.

If you are an entrepreneur searching for motivation or studying from some of the most successful business humans, these films on Netflix will, in reality, encourage you!

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