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Why You Should Choose Cox Communications For Your House?


Currently, one of the best internet providers in the United States is Cox Communications. It is the third-largest network in the locality covering 19 states in the country. The main reason behind the popularity of this amazing provider is its amazing quality internet. In recent years, Cox Internet has drastically improved. When it comes to promotional deals, Cox might be less flexible than its rivals but it doesn’t compromise on quality. We’ll examine what Cox has to offer its users in this guide.

Let’s start by discussing Cox TV. Check at the TV services table offered by Cox below: 


Contour TV – Starter

Contour TV – Preferred

Contour TV – Preferred +

Contour TV – Ultimate

Channels count

More than 75

More than 140


250 plus

Premium Channels

Not included

Not included



Voice controlled remote

YES, included





$61 per month

$109.99 per month only.

$158 per month

$146 p/m

(Prices may vary)

Why Cox Is the Right Pick for you?

Good Speed:

Cox, the most widely used internet network, has earned subscribers’ trust over time by never compromising speed. In order to maximize its use and allow users to take advantage of endless streaming, it has introduced multiple methods to provide consumers with the fastest speed possible. Additionally, you have nothing to worry about if you decide to watch some YouTube or Amazon Prime content. I assure you it’s the one of the best entertainment partners for you. 

No Hidden Charges

“Price” is the first consideration for any user when choosing a service provider. There are extra charges on top of other unspecified expenses that can damage your budget. However, users of Cox will undoubtedly concur with the fact that there are not any additional costs. Only the services used would be billed to the client from the company. 

Amazing Customer Service and Technical Support 

If you choose Cox and choose the simple installation method, you will need to install your router. If you run into trouble, you can rely on Cox’s customer service because it is available around-the-clock, unlike other providers. They will give you top priority and work quickly to find a solution to your problem.

  • Wi-Fi hotspots

One of my favorite benefits of using Cox is the unlimited free access to over 4 million Wi-Fi hotspots. Users only need to follow these easy steps to join hotspots. (Only if you use Cox)

If you open your Wi-Fi, you may notice a feature similar to Cox Panoramic or Wi-Fi.

  1. Pick any nearby connection.
  2. Launch Safari after making your selection.
  3. You may be taken to a page where you must select Cox as your network provider.
  4. You can be taken directly to a login screen after choosing Cox as your provider, where you’ll need to enter your Cox ID and password.
  5. Get browsing.

After having a close look at the TV package and the perks, I’ll now show you crazy internet bundles being offered by the broadband.

Cox Internet – Packages

The provider announced 5 brilliant tiers to facilitate the users so they can pick the perfect plan for their houses. Listing the plans.



Data Caps


Go Fast

It comes with a good 100mbps download speed. 


Starts with $50 per month.

Go Faster

The tier comes with 250mbps of download so if you want to download large files, do it.


Starting with $70 per month.

Even Faster

Knocking at your door with flashy 500mbps download.


Starts with $90 per month only.


Announced with unbelievable 1gbps download speed. 


Starts with $109.99 only.

Beyond Fast

Comes with a blazing 2gbps of download.


You need to check the availability.

Fascinating, right? How about you add more value to your house by adding Cox Homelife Security, Cox Internet and Cox TV as a bundle?

3 in one Bundle 

Cox offers 3 of its major services to the users so that they can get maximum advantage at an affordable price. I’ll show you how.


Cox Internet

Cox Homelife Security

Cox TV


Go Fast

Up to 100 mbps download


140+ TV channels included.

Starts with $174 per month

Go Faster

Up to 250 mbps download speed.


More than 140 channels.

Starting with $194 per month

Even Faster

Up to 500 mbps download speed


140+ TV channels included.

Starts with $214 p/m.

Super Faster

Near to 1gbps download


More than 140 channels.

As low as $233.99


If you want to avail all services from a single provider, then I don’t think any other option should be in your mind as Cox is currently leading the chart beating every other competitor in the market. Cox Communication is user’s most favorite broadband network. If you want your life to go with ease, then you should definitely go for Cox.



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